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Our projects

Discover our projects that are pioneering sustainable energy and environmental development. Our key initiatives,, Ecovision Velddrif and Veldrif Water & Power , are focused on providing innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time – energy efficiency, environmental protection and sustainable community development. Learn more about the unique characteristics and objectives of each project and how we are shaping a more sustainable future through them. is a pioneering green hydrogen project located in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa. It aims to avoid significant amounts of greenhouse gas emissions and makes a decisive contribution to global decarbonization. This project actively supports the protection of our planet through the use of renewable energy.


EcoVision Velddrif

EcoVision Velddrif represents a visionary and sustainable development project comprising residential, mixed-use, tourism, commercial and light industrial zones on an area of 2,700 hectares, including a 4.5 km stretch of beach in Velddrif on the west coast of South Africa. This project promotes sustainable development and improves the quality of life through a harmonious integration of nature and urban life.


Velddrif Water & Power

The Veldrif Water & Power project addresses two of South Africa's most pressing problems: water and energy scarcity. It involves the development of desalination plants, water management solutions and renewable energy in Velddrif to provide the Western Cape with clean water and affordable renewable energy. The project aims to create sustainable solutions that both protect the environment and strengthen the local economy.

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